Introducing… Mr. Gorgeous

Obviously, Mr. Gorgeous earned this moniker for being… you guessed it… mind-numbingly gorgeous.  Unfortunately, he’s not being very attentive.  He’s actually playing hard to get, and I’m too much of a catch to be bothered with a man who won’t make an effort to court me as a gentleman should.

I’m not talking about asking me on elaborate dates and showering me with chivalrous compliments.  In the non-virtual dating world, I’d just be talking about a man asking me out for coffee or dinner or something.  In this online dating context, he should at least be sending me emails longer than three lines.  And he’s still not moved our relationship to the instant messaging arena.

I suppose this is what I get for putting up with a guy just because he’s such a hot piece of meat that I want to make out with my computer screen.  An Adonis never has to work hard to get women, and that still translates online.

To be continued……

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