Mr. Anglophone

Mr. Anglophone is not exactly anglophone, but he distinguished himself by making the effort to speak English to me when he learned that I am American.  He earned major points for that.  However, he quickly threw away this competitive edge by doing the unthinkable.

He stood me up.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  He must have used the time-honored method of screening dates — a method that is used primarily by blind-daters.  You’re thinking that he must have walked in, saw me sitting at the bar, and was so horrified by the hag trying to pass for an woman that he turned right around and walked back out the door.

Now I know that’s impossible.  I’m foxy.  Seriously.

In this age of mobile phones, what he did was truly, undoubtedly, and absolutely despicable.  He never called or texted me that night, which meant that I was waiting at the bar by myself for ages, looking and feeling like a total loser.  Thank god I am a regular at this bar… it looks less pathetic when I’m talking to the barstaff instead of sighing and constantly checking a mobile phone that isn’t ringing.


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One response to “Mr. Anglophone

  1. I would like to confirm that you are foxy…

    he is obviously a psychopathic loser and you had a lucky escape

    as you say yourself… next!!

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