Ms. Anniversary!

As of today, it has been exactly two months since I began this slightly perverse social experiment with the dating scene in Paris!

So to honor this landmark event, I will recap my shenanigans for the past month.

First up, some number-crunching:

  • Total number of first dates : 19 (A number of dates didn’t make the blog due to time constraints… In other words, I was just lazy.)
  • Number of second dates : 0
  • Success rate : 0%

According to these numbers, I have little to show for my hard work.

But numbers don’t tell the whole story, right?  What’s more important is the life experiences that I have gained.  So perhaps it would be more valuable to look at the highlights from my field notes.

After this past month’s dating escapades, I can now proudly say that I have accomplished the following:

  • I found a real guy who managed to replicate — and possibly improve upon — Patrick Dempsey’s hair: Mr. Hair.
  • I met a guy who was more pretentious than anyone I have ever met — even during my years at Harvard.  Now THAT’S saying something: Mr. Pretentious.
  • I had so many guys in my shopping cart that I couldn’t keep their names straight: Mr. Oops.
  • I got stood up: Mr. Anglophone.
  • I went on a ten-minute date that wasn’t speed-dating: Mr. Ten Minute Wonder.
  • I survived a date that was scripted from bodice-ripper novels: Mr. Bodice-ripper.
  • I went on a date with a guy who was more woman than I am: Mr. Pretty Woman.
  • I drunk-dated: Ms. Drunk Date.
  • I went on a date with a guy whose creepy grin still gives me nightmares: Mr. Cheshire Cat.
  • I learned that my drink orders are manlier than the most of the men I date: Mr. Love-You-Long-Time.
  • I tried to stalk a hunky postman: Ms. Stalker.
  • I survived date conversation about unconventional sexual predilections: Mr. Too Much Information.

Not too shabby for two months’ work, I’d say.

But still, I continue on my quest for that elusive, pseudo-mythical creature — that great first date.

I’m beginning to think that it may not exist — that it should be categorized with Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and leprechauns.

So to fête my two-month anniversary, I cordially invite you, all my readers, to send in first-date stories.

Convince me that it is possible to have a great first date.  Or, if you are a skeptic, send me your horror stories.  Over the next month, I will feature my favorite reader stories, and, of course, I will continue to share my own.  And at the end of March, I will deliver my verdict on the question:

The great first date… is it a myth?

Surprise me.


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9 responses to “Ms. Anniversary!

  1. Oooh the whole point of MY blog is that I go on more first dates than anyone I know, and fewer second. Now you’ve trumped me I feel like a fraud.
    *Read about my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater*

    • Don’t be too quick to feel like a fraud just yet, Fishy. I think that the gender divide must be considered here. It’s more difficult for a guy to procure that first date than it is for a woman to just sit back and decide to either accept or refuse a guy’s date proposal.

      Besides, you seem to have higher standards than I do :). Not easy to find many male equivalents of Winslet Bosom in the streets of Paris…

  2. Jo

    Congrats!!!!!!!! I am so proud.

    I have a great first date story with Danny…maybe that’s why we are still dating. Haven’t I told it to you? So thus I have to say the creature exists, we aren’t talking about unicorns and loch ness monsters…just single men, whose antics are still the stories of myths and legends, as per your blog.

  3. My worst first date occurred without me knowing I was on a date until it was far too late to get out of the situation. Which, by the way, was a Thanksgiving dinner party with this guys entire family asking me how long we had been together and telling me they had heard so much about me and couldn’t wait to welcome me to their family. They even wanted to know how our first date had gone. Needless to say, much wine was consumed.
    Awkward much?

  4. You are amazingly refreshingly hilarious! I love it…went on a 10 minute date that wasn’t speed dating! Keep up the good work.

    Your new fan,


    • @nandoism: Oodles of thanks for such warm praise! I am so happy to have a new fan, and you can be sure that I am also your new fan as well!
      @wanderingmenace: I am so glad that you finally shared this date with the world. The sad part is… you are probably not his only victim!
      @Jo: Thanks, girl! I’m not sure that I remember the details of this great first date, so perhaps it’s time for a refresher course?

  5. Ha, just found your blog – loving it. Can’t wait to hear more. Sounds a lot like my luck during my online dating experiment. Got plenty of bad date stories:
    Most popular are: Mr. Fig Newton, Imaginary 3rd Wheel, & ADD Not for Me (month of Nov. ’09)

    • Thanks Ziazitella! This online experience doesn’t seem to be working for many people, but at least it yields heaps of writing material. And, frankly, I also do it because I’m bored 🙂

      Loving your blog too! We have so much to commiserate about… our lives seem to be full of fools…

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