Mr. Deluded

Mr. Deluded was responsible for one of the most awkward — and borderline pathetic — first dates that I have had the misfortune to come across.  Thankfully, I was not his victim.  That privilege belongs to my fellow blogger, The Wandering Menace, who has been one of the first to respond to my call for first date stories.  You will find an excerpt below.

To read the full account of her first date nightmare, scroll down to the link at the bottom of this post.

But without further ado, I introduce to you… Mr. Deluded!

My man-shopping friend has asked me to type up a story of my first worst date.  To be fair, there are several contenders, but I will stick to that which she specifically requested.

The date I didn’t know I was on.

My parents have lived in Europe for eleven years, which made Thanksgiving in college a bit of a homesick nightmare.  In November of my junior year, I lived with some interesting characters (see my posts on roommates and neighboring potheads for further info), one of whom was kind enough to invite me to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents house so that I wouldn’t be alone on the holiday.  An extremely kind gesture on his part, and one that I happily accepted.  I piled into the car with him that Thursday morning, and the two of us drove outside Seattle to get some good old fashioned holiday yumminess.

Little did I know he had told his parents we were dating.

Read the whole account HERE!

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