Ms. Proud Singleton

Thanksgiving is upon us!  And in honor of this blessed holiday of gluttony and death-by-pecan-pie, let me present a link to a MetAnotherFrog post featuring the talents of ladies whom Jackie over at F*ing in Brooklyn calls “the Beatles of women dating bloggers.”  I was so flattered by this title that I actually blushed — something that I try to avoid, as I turn a ghastly shade of purple when I blush.

Along with the vivacious vixens behind The Singles Filez, How Very Lucky To Be A Girl, and Sex, Lies and Dating in the City, I present my list of the small joys of being single.  As my mother is starting to coerce me into blind dates, as my father is giving hope of grandchildren, and as my non-single friends are beginning to parade me around as the token singleton and resident circus animal at their dinner parties, I must remind myself of why I choose to be on my own for the time being.

Fellow singletons, what is on your list?  Why do you enjoy the single life?  The first three items on my list are the following:

  • My father can cling to his illusions about my virtue. If I don’t have a boyfriend, he can tell himself that his little girl is not being violated by some schmuck who isn’t worthy of her. The poor man has three daughters; he doesn’t need any extra stress in his life.
  • My side of the bed is ALL SIDES. I can sleep on the upside-down diagonal if I want to, dammit.
  • By definition, I can’t cheat if I’m single.

Read the rest of my list here!  Check out what the three other Beatles of dating bloggers (God, my ego is SO inflated right now, and I love it) have to say.  Join in the lively discussion in the comments section.  Browse MetAnotherFrog.

But don’t forget to come back here every once in a while to stroke my ego and laugh at my loser-ish antics and my upcoming attempts at artwork.  (Yes, you read that correctly.  Brace yourself.)

Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite Parisian dater,

Helene the Man-shopper


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4 responses to “Ms. Proud Singleton

  1. I don’t have to share any of my turkey day left-overs with anyone. AKA, more pie for me! Mwahahaha.

  2. Shopper,
    Nice job on the guest post. You’re such a popular little lass these days. Next time you’re snoring by yourself, just remember that one day you’ll have Pickle, and he’ll snore louder than you.
    And then he’ll marry Indy.
    Provided he takes notes on how to properly court a lady.

    • Oh, don’t worry. I will instruct Pickle on proper courtship etiquette. However, I don’t think that Indy will be susceptible to his charms. She is a tough nut to crack, that one. And, let’s face it, Pickle won’t exactly have the best role model when it comes to suave behavior.

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