Mr. Yankees Fan

Warning: Pointless rant coming up…

For some unknown reason, I see a plethora of Parisian idiots sporting Yankees gear.  I take issue with this for the following reasons:

  • These fools have no idea that the NY logo is the logo of a baseball team.  Many of them think that it stands for New York, that they are rockin the coolest American shit on this side of the Atlantic.  Most of them probably have no idea what baseball is.
  • It just looks stupid.  Picture it.  Pansy-ass Parisian gangsta-wannabe wearing a sideways Yankee cap, in his skinny jeans, thinking “Putain, c’est mortel!”
  • You ONLY ever see the Yankees logo.  It just creams my corn that I don’t see a Giants logo anywhere.  The French seem to fixate on the strangest things to associate with America.  They embrace Oreos, for example, but are physically incapable of making a decent chocolate chip cookie.

So, men, if you are French and own Yankees gear, please don’t bother talking to me.  I don’t run around San Jose in a Stade Français jersey, and I don’t pretend to be the #1 Bordeaux fan when I’m in New York, so you should afford American teams the same respect please and stop being such a poser.

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say, such a poseur.

Next, please.


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4 responses to “Mr. Yankees Fan

  1. Okay, while i find this to be proof that the Yankees are “Americas” team (long standing debate between my stepfather and I about who the most favored team in baseball is), I am a little concerned that French men are carrying Louis Viutton purses. Bitches I can’t even get one of those. Color me jealous!

    Do men really dress like that over there?

  2. Alex

    Helene, I was ranting about this eight years ago when I was a student in England. The worst part is that the Yankees profit from the international ignorance of people buying gear with their logo just because it’s New York-related. While I don’t expect the rest of the world to start rocking Mets gear in response, they need to know that what they really are contributing to is the funding of hegemony. I’d imagine this is something the French would be keen to avoid, even if the U.S. is relatively cooler now than we were under the Bush years.

    If any of these guys are sports fans, just tell them that they’re supporting and financing baseball’s Manchester United equivalent. And if they’re not sports fans, just tell them that fat fucks in New Jersey and ignorant Americans in the Midwest, just like the ones we watch on “Real Housewives” and who think the French are a bunch of queers, are probably wearing the same hat they have on.

    As a longtime baseball fan, I think the French should start rocking the World Champion San Francisco Giants hats instead. It would be more fitting at least – France and San Francisco! And the French would probably know as much about baseball as the plethora of bandwagon Giants fans you will see when you come home to our beloved South Bay next month 🙂

  3. danny

    Go Yankees! they are totally going to re-sign rivera and jeter, and i think if they can add just one more top notch pitcher (cliff lee…???!?!?!?) that should really put us over the edge. Texas Blows!

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