Ms. Professor-Student Relations Expert

More lists!  I love lists!  And I’ve had too much caffeine to focus on writing coherent sentences!  I’ve also had too much caffeine to avoid exclamation points!!!

And since caffeine has also impaired my ability to blog on topic about man-shopping in Paris, you’ll have to settle for more lists that I made with Ryan.

Reasons NOT to date your professor

  • you babysit his daughter
  • he’s your hallmate’s dad
  • his name is Chad
  • he slept with your friend
  • he eats hummus for lunch every day, then has a coffee break, and doesn’t seem to know what breath mints are for
  • you were drunk in class once and asked to see his bellybutton
  • he looks like a human male incarnation of Lassie
  • he idolizes Stalin
  • he is in love with your boyfriend

Reasons to go ahead and date the crap out of your professor

  • he told you that he liked your essay response to prompt #8
  • he wears tweed jackets with leather elbow patches
  • his hair defies gravity
  • his argyle socks match your favorite cashmere sweater
  • he’s so sexy when he talks about de Tocqueville
  • his favorite dead white guy is Benjamin Constant

I challenge you to guess which of these are autobiographical, which are biographical, and which are just plain fictional.

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