Ms. Eurovision Perv

Eurovision…  A glorious few days of unabashed pageantry, spectacle, melodrama, sequins, confetti, eurotrashiness and national rivalries.




I will be the first to say that, for obvious reasons, a kitschy “singing” contest would not be a good time to conduct any man-shopping.  But that didn’t stop me from perving on all the pretty boys in the competition.


Not men.

I just got caught up in the spirit of Eurovision, and I found myself perving on these gorgeous little things prancing around on the stage.  I just couldn’t help myself.  They’re adorable!

This year, even though I was rooting for Ireland’s Jedward to win, they’re too wholesome and asexual to perv on.  So I instead went all googoo-eyed over some of the other contestants at this year’s finals.

My runaway favorite, in the sense that I’d totally run away with him…

… Eric Saade of Sweden!

Look at him.  He’s gorgeous.  And from what I’ve seen in his Eurovision rendition of “Popular“, this lad can gyrate!  So he was born in the 90s?

Shut up.


Loukas Yiorkas of Greece?  Miam miam.

He’s old enough that I probably wouldn’t be arrested on the spot for hanging off him, but he’s still young enough that I’d still deserve a kick in the face for even entertaining the idea.

My face.

Not his face.

For the love of god, don’t touch his beautiful face.

And finally, from the country that gave us Viggo Mortensen, whose iconic door-opening scene in The Two Towers dropped ladies’ panties the world over when it premiered in the cinemas all those years ago, we have the lads of A Friend in London!

They are obviously not of Viggo’s caliber, and they are shamefully young, but come on… this is my list of Eurovision pervtacular crushes.  Play along, would you?

My regular readers won’t be surprised that France’s contestant for Eurovision did not make it onto my pervy list.  Why not, you ask?

Because he looks like this:

Good grief.

His hair is better than mine.


We all have to draw the line somewhere.

* Big shout-out to my beloved William Lee Adams for enabling my perving.  He is, in my opinion, the world’s leading authority on Eurovision and provides comprehensive coverage of Eurovision madness on his blog.


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4 responses to “Ms. Eurovision Perv

  1. Moocow

    Yeah, regarding the French contestant, have you seen him perform that night?
    The close-ups were hilarious, I pictured him having a monobrow, that would definitely make him look like Tarzan or a monkey. And his voice is weak.

    • I did! Not sure that he was Eurovision material in my book… I think that mature ladies thought that he was a total babe, but I was underwhelmed on all counts.

      • Moocow

        My favourites were Serbia, for having the balls not to perform in english and having good looks and a charming voice. Also Austria for not being tone deaf as some of the others, for having a real voice and being all about singing and leaving out the so often crappy decorations and them braindead dancers out.

        Anyways, the most entertaining performance was at the beginning, performed by the hosts.
        I also had the feeling that the world was coming to an end and the germans had the exclusive rights to host the apocalypse. With such a thought in mind the countdown at the end made me laugh hard.

  2. Akrotiriclub

    My favorite…Loucas Yiorkas….not because I am Greek-American, but because it was one of the most heartfelt performances that year….!! Speaking of Loucas, I hear he is one of the nicest guys around and an incredible talent, with a voice made for folk Greek music and the looks of a rock star. He has a huge following with several Facebook pages …one created for English and Spanish fans on this side of the hemisphere…if you want to read more about him…check it out…

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