Mr. Blind Date

Sometimes, when I’ve had a few drinks in me, I will agree to do some questionable things, some of which can be perfectly reasonable, some of which can be somewhat silly.  At the time, I thought that agreeing to be set up on a blind date was something that had a foot in both camps.

This date was completely blind.  Friend X set up the whole thing, down to the day, time, and location.  The only thing I knew going into it was my Mr. Blind Date’s first name.

I was told that Mr. Blind Date would be seated by the door and wearing a blue shirt.

Presumably, Friend X told Mr. Blind Date that I was Asian, which, in Paris, is usually enough to pick me out of the crowd.

When I arrived, I saw that Mr. Blind Date was already seated with a glass of whisky, so I flagged down the server as I walked over and ordered one as well before I sat down.

Just as my butt hit the chair, Mr. Blind Date leaned back, downed his drink, and said,

“I thought you were supposed to be pretty.”

Then he got up, threw down a tenner, and strode out the door.

For the record, his drink cost twelve euros.


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32 responses to “Mr. Blind Date

  1. This guy is dead meat…. And no court in the land will convict us!

  2. This guy is an ASSHOLE! And what the hell was ‘Friend X’ thinking?

  3. *picking jaw up off of the floor*


    • I spent the rest of the night trying to pick my jaw up off the floor too! It turns out that whisky and fries have magical gravity-defying properties in these kinds of situations.

  4. Wow! Seriously? What a douche, I hope he stepped in a puddle of mud and ruined his favorite shoes on the way out!

  5. WTF !! Such an asshole !
    I’d have a word with Friend X and push them down the friendship ladder too !

  6. I’m comforted by the fact that if a guy acts like this, there’s no way his dating life is good in any way. And yes, your friend should have smelled this asshole a mile coming.

  7. Anon

    What? No cute humorous drawings? No “Next!”? Come on! Surely you’re not letting this get to you?

    For your time and 2 euros, you got 1. a great blog post, 2. a perfect moment of clarity, 3. an opportunity to re-evaluate a friendship.

    His statement, is, of course, laughably wrong, so it’s as is if he had gasped, in a sudden epiphany: “I thought I was supposed to be a good guy.” and run away in shame.

    In fact he may be a lost soul, punished for some heinous deed, condemned to relive this moment forever, unable to change it, with every lovely girl in the universe.

  8. Wow. That was really rude of him to act like that. I guess jerks exist everywhere, even in the beautiful Paris! Sorry you wasted your time (and money) going to that date. And your friend should have known better…

  9. Geoff

    His loss! Could have been worse.. he could’ve stayed!
    You look the perfect sweetie in your profile pic..

  10. Geoff

    Try Kitty O’Shea’s – if you go there, you won’t leave alone. Trust me..

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  12. Duchesse

    My God! What a prick!!! It’s hard to believe people like that even exist! And a cheapskate too!

  13. Darren

    Poor guy was misinformed that he was going to meet someone pretty. I certainly understand why he left in a hurry !

  14. Gina

    1) you ARE pretty.
    2) he IS an ass.
    3) practical joke!?!?! WTF??? So this “friend” did this on purpose! Good for you for kicking her/him to the curb.
    4) French men ARE different. I’ve lived here 2.5 years and have dated my share. But they’re not all complete and utter asses like this one. Hang in there…you’ll find someone worthy eventually.

    • I’ve been here five years now… “Eventually” sure is a long time coming! 🙂

      And no, they aren’t all total asses, but the asstoolery does make for great blogging, I must admit.

  15. Alex

    Have you considered invoicing your “friend”?

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  17. martin blink

    (I just hit something and my entire comment went up in smoke.) So this was a practical joke? Because it’s unbelievable that someone would behave like that. However, as a practical joke, it’s almost as bad. Just cruelty and not funny at all. You need to reconsider this friendship, perhaps Paris. I’ve visited many times but would never consider living there. Silver lining: the word douche-oisie–from now on a permanent item in my lexicon. Thank you! (And courage.)

    • Friend X didn’t tell Mr. Blind Date to behave badly, he did that all on his own. All Friend X did was pull some random guy off the street (no screening) and bribed him to meet me. However, I suspect that Friend X did try his best to make sure that the random guy didn’t show any promise of being a nice person.

    • Also, I’m glad that you appreciated douche-oisie. You’re welcome 🙂

  18. Marie-Christine

    A joke?!? I’d think long and hard about the revenge I’m going to cook up, if I were you. Do start by demanding the 2E back though..

  19. cambeul41

    The best thing I can say about this is that thankfully you found out instantly what kind of person he was.

  20. Tatiana

    ARGH. This must have been MONTHS ago, but I’m so annoyed at this dickhead, reading this post now!
    ❤ your blog idea, I'm going to read through your other posts now.xoxo

  21. The F-???

    I’d comment but my jaw has dented the ground.


  22. Vancouverite

    Quite honest blogging, manshopper 🙂

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