Ms. Broken…Armed

I have been nursing a broken arm lately, and just because one has a broken arm, it does not mean that one has lost all man-shopping mojo.

It may seem difficult to believe, but I would like to argue that having a broken arm can actually up my man-shopping game:

  • It gives me an excuse to wear everything off the shoulder.  Granted, the injured shoulder, but still.  That’s kind of hot, right?
  • Because a broken arm is painful and more than a bit of a hassle, it’s an excuse not to get dressed most of the time if I can help it.  Lounging around and playing video games clad only in lacy knickers?  What man wouldn’t love that?  Totally sexy.
  • In the event that I were to set my sights on someone with a fetish about women in medical apparatuses, oh man, I would be SO IN THERE.
  • I can BE the damsel in distress instead of PLAYING AT being one.  These are two distinctly different things.  “Could you open this for me?” can be pathetic if I am actually capable of doing it because I’d just playing games and pretending to let the man be the man, but when I’ve shattered my humerus, this request is totally legitimate… and poignant.

Oh yes.  I am so hot right now.


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3 responses to “Ms. Broken…Armed

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