Some useful facts about me:

  • I can’t go to shopping malls by myself because I get disorientated and very anxious.  Once I started crying in front of Build-A-Bear because I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the mall.
  • I really hate cauliflower.  It scares me.  I firmly believe that it will one day rise up and kill us all.
  • At one point, I was convinced that I would marry Atreyu from The Neverending Story.  Nobody knew it, but he was totally into me.
  • I once stuck my hand in the toaster oven because I didn’t believe my mother when she told me that it was hot.
  • I was ostracized in first grade because I murdered the class duckling when it was my turn to take it home.  Well, I didn’t kill it myself, but I did lose it.  I’m sure that San Jose traffic killed it straightaway.  Poor Ducky.
  • I hide it well, but I have a freakishly large head.  I’m talking bobble-head large.
  • When I was little, I couldn’t say spaghetti.  I called it Jeopardy.  Clearly, since very early on in my life, the powers of the universe never meant for me to be cool.
  • Favorite architectural detail = doors.
  • I am vain.  Flattery will get you very far with me.

13 responses to “Me!

  1. Literally I started playing drunken Scrabble just last week. My impressive vocabulary and spelling skills did NOT help me win, and I lost to a hammered drunk girl with a stuffed turtle purse.

    Rough night.

    I dated a bobblehead girl once. She loved me for buying her a neck brace to help hold that thing up, but dumped me after I laughed at her when no hats would fit her at a baseball game.

    Eat Cauliflower before it eats you!


  2. Res

    Wow. You remind me of me. Right down to the single-minded crush on Atreyu.

  3. I refer to it as crawlyflower. Can’t stand it!

  4. kim

    “I hide it well, but I have a freakishly large head. I’m talking bobble-head large.”

    i. feel. your. pain.

  5. you’re not alone in thinking men who play scrabble are sexy…


    I luv cauliflower…sorry. 😉

  7. me and my brothers would always love to play scrabble every weekend, :

  8. Hi!
    You’re hilarious! I love your blogs.
    Dyna 🙂

  9. I found your blog via Jack From Brooklyn. You’re hilarious. I’ll be following your exploits for sure.

  10. elle

    Love this and your blog! How are you able to live in France? So lucky!

  11. I’m so happy I stumbled across your site. Pretty much what I have taken away so far is I need to work on my already spectacular man-butt!

  12. You sound like the sweetest and cutest girl that has ever lived. And very beautiful judging from your picture 🙂

  13. Alka

    I’m trying to sympathise with you but you keep nodding.

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