The man-shopping process

Recently, I’ve been relying on more conventional means of man-shopping.  In other words, any Pierre, Clément and Olivier off the street is fair game.  During the early days, most of my man-shopping adventures were conducted online. It was convenient and perfect for a girl on the go.

However, I am currently taking a temporary hiatus from online dating.  It’s very time-consuming, and besides, I need to go out in the field and try on the real man-products to make sure that they fit before I order them off the internet.

I’m just being a cautious consumer.


6 responses to “The man-shopping process

  1. Hey There Man-Shopper,
    How you are approaching the dating thing is so fun!
    Incorporating the best of both worlds, and hopefully you get something cute to wear around your arm for a few months…before you get bored of it, of course…all while living in Paris.

    Have fun.

  2. Ouch sounds so cruel but effective!

  3. and wasn’t it Mae West who said “a man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.” !

  4. Reality-Check

    Wow!! LOL. The hypocrisy with you just never ends here.

    Please. It’s “cute” and OK for you to treat men like dehumanized products that you scan and buy (as if we have no choice in the transaction at all)?

    You need to think long and hard about how you characterize me as a human being, before you lecture me about how I characterize other human beings.

  5. Brandon

    lol… A proper name for you is “Ms. Negativity”. I literally had to STOP reading your blog within 2mins from not-so-happily discovering it because there’s absolutely no value in any of your hateful little ramblings.
    And yeah- I would **NEVER** date your ass because your basically a nasty fucking freak…I think it’s HILARIOUS that you really believe you’re all that!!!! Lmao…. I seen your pic on twitter as well as here on your waste of a blog. You’re as UG-LEEEE as SHIT! You’re 3rd world ugly!!!! There are so many more TONS and TONS of better looking girls than you, honey (and yes, Asian american girls too) who not only make you look like a ****DOG****; they also aren’t ASSHOLES and CYNICS like you. Although, you’re uglier on the inside because from your little ramblings here, it sounds like you have a heart of stone. And you have a lonely-lonely life ahead. Duh….No wonder why you haven’t met anyone: It’s because of you. Not the guys you date.

    Take a minute to read this:

    You should really MEDITATE on rule 3 (Yesssss- MEDITATE …..Let it SINK IN that slow head of yours…). Go ahead and break the rules though. If you do, please always remember about that one thing about “REPERCUSSIONS”. If you don’t know that that word means, go look it up. You obviously don’t. One way or another, you’ll get yours, you ugly piece of gook trash.

    If I were you, I would stop JUDGING people so harshly. That reprove you dole out so handedly will come back and SLICE your ass like shears…. (hint-hint).
    Oh yeah, thanks for giving your location. I’ll be avoiding your negative ass like the plague.


  6. Moe

    I bet Brandon wears metro-britches like Matt Lauer.

    Never let anyone kid you girl. You are hotness with a literary flair.
    Us real men like that.

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