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Ms. London Snow Bunny

Within hours of my arrival at St. Pancras Station, I found myself hitting the streets with Ryan, the Wandering Menace.  And as we approached Oxford Street, we promptly found ourselves at the mercy of two charming gentlemen.

While I slept in this morning, Ryan has detailed this encounter here.  The incident definitely gave me a different understanding of the term “snow bunny.”

This item of clothing didn't quite make the cut for Operation Hot Sister.

In other news, as I write this, we are preparing to hit the town and implement a man-shopping experiment that we devised last week, something that we now call Operation Hot Sister.  Our plans for this evening include the following items:

  • leopard print
  • mini-skirts
  • leg-warmers
  • 1 kilo of black eye-liner
  • black lace
  • alter-egos
  • sparkling wine
  • back-up sandwiches

More details about Operation Hot Sister to come.  Stay tuned…


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