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Mr. Google Search

While I’m working on other “real” posts, I present you with this shameless filler post.  It is based entirely on popular search terms that led people to click on my blog.  I picked a few of my favorites and commented on them here.  Pointless really.

But, if anything, you’ll have a better idea of your what your fellow readers are looking for when they find this site.  And then maybe you’ll re-evaluate why you keep coming back here to cavort amongst such company.  My commentary is really unnecessary, but I just wanted to get in my two cents.  You know, so that I can say that I actually wrote something.

  • dragon
  • Like Hagrid, I’d love to have a pet dragon.  How did you know?
  • asian girls dancing topless in front of tuned cars
  • I believe the correct term is “import model.”  They would have been better off searching “Tila Tequila.”
  • oily asian girls
  • OILY?  Did they mean “oiled up”?
  • o romeo, romeo! wherefore art thou romeo
  • Good question.
  • sexy asian girls eat alive chicken
  • What.  The.  Hell.
  • how to find a man in paris blog
  • I feel bad for this person.  They would have found no answers to that on my blog.
  • kinky mature chicks in smooth stocking treating stunning babe with strap – on
  • Wow.
  • rugged cowboys
  • Yes, please!
  • why are asian girls so attractive
  • Because they all look kind of like me.
  • asian nerd girl
  • That’s me!
  • asian girls small no ass
  • This is NOT me.
  • pee desperate cycling shorts
  • I’m not even sure that I want to know.
  • i weep for humanity
  • I weep for humanity quite a lot.
  • inner tunic of eyeball
  • ????
  • bacon fetish
  • I love bacon.  Fetish?  I don’t know what that would entail.
  • hot viet girls
  • I must admit, I’m pleased as peach that my blog came up on this search.
  • real asian girlfriends
  • Real?  What would be a fake one?  An actress?  A blow-up doll?
  • tongue pictures
  • The tongue is not pretty.  I don’t particularly enjoy looking at mine.
  • wearing sunglasses in the gym
  • Tragic.
  • asian naked girls asian nude asian nude
  • I’m not sure that this person understands the internet.  More specifically, the search function.
  • man the fuck up
  • This should be the slogan of a public service announcement campaign in Paris.
  • monkey fuck nordic
  • Yikes.
  • asian in my
  • In your what?  I want to know!  No, I don’t want to know!  OH GOD, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

Shout-out to the Lost Plum for inspiration.  Her search term tweets are always entertaining, and my life would not be complete with such an infusion of the absurd into my daily life.


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